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El Niño De La Flor / Digital, Vinyl

El Niño De La Flor INFO

Project : Henning Richter & Tom Schön

Client : Aug 3rd 2012

vinyl & digital

Technology :PRZ009

Unusual tunes from PRAXXIZ? Well, for this dreamy summer track the organizers of the record label knocked the whole label concept on the head – just ‚by the way‘. Where usually only real Techno anthems are pressed into vinyl they allow themselves the exception to the rule. Instead of smashing bass drums and pumping beats you’ll get an almost laid-back composition with a smooth guitar and hippie-esque flute sounds that seduces your ears. So the title ‚EL NIÑO DE LA FLOR‘ doesn’t come out of the blue and lives up to its promise. Henning Richter and Tom Schoen take you by the hand to a nice summer walk in Miami Beach…

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