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E0E / Vinyl


Project : A. Balter & Eitan Reiter

Client : Februar 24th 2013


Technology :PRZ006

The Project A. Balter and Eitan Reiter is just a few years old, but the two artists behind it have been active in the electronic dance music scene for much longer than that.

Their combined skills, experience, club sound sensibilities, and an inherent love of innovation and originality, have resulted as one might expect, in the birth of a new breed of finely tuned electronic dance music ! Crisp and purposeful, driving minimal Techno beats, brought together expertly with dark twisted melodies, an inspired combination that seemingly never fails to hit the spot!

To cut a long story short, the Bassline TB303 needs no introduction, legendary and revered as it is after turning the worlds understanding of dance music inside out, and now with a heritage of more than 30 years! Simply put, what we have here for you is a massive new Acid anthem, combined with an “in your face” remix by one of the scenes true workaholics, Da Fresh!

we say thank you to DJ Rush for your support:

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