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Broken Floor Remixed Part 1 / Vinyl

Broken Floor Remixed Part 1 INFO

Project : Samuel L Session, Perc, Pig & Dan

Client : August 4th 2011


Technology :PRZ004

Perc and Pig & Dan pick up Techno where Samuel L Session left it, only to make it even heavier with two amazing remixes of “FOUR TO THE FLOOR‘ – Perc’s remix is a ‚Radio Slave meets Chris Liebing‘ moment of relentless Techno, all about reverbs and echoes. This is another one of those tracks with a lot of small elements evolving slowly and becoming at some point so intertwined that anyone would just get lost in it. A mechanical beat made out of some distorted banging sound vaguely evocative of a drum that just goes as deep as Techno goes, only to be somewhat softened by the subtle atmospheric waves from the original track that kind of drifted into the remix. A brilliant track, of a new purist kind.

As soon as this DJ-friendly track starts the tight production skills of the Spanish duo Pig & Dan can be recognized. It wanders into the realm of underwater funk and features a wobbling bass coupled with an almost gentle feeling, a peculiar aspect for a track that can undoubtedly be classified as a banger. A robotic rhythm is slowly unveiled in a very clever yet classic framework, with a long breakdown paving the way for an even bouncier beat. A nigh time slammer.

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