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November 1, 2015

News eldo Kommentare deaktiviert für MAYDAY Poland ’15: MAKING FRIENDS

Friendship wasn’t thought up by Facebook – friends have always been around. We all need them. Scientific studies show: if you have friends, you’re more satisfied and healthier.

Friendship is vibrant and fulfilling; at times loud, at other times quiet, but at all times it’s real! Just like MAYDAY. Everyone immediately has the feeling of being part of it. Nobody feels left out. A very special spirit that you instantly feel. You and over 20,000 peaceful and happy people. Together – not alone! Man, woman, white, black – nobody cares. The passion for electronic music is what unites all in friendship.

The MAYDAY admission ticket is your voucher for new friendships. Directly redeemable and valid forever. Jubilation, joy and carefree contentment will be waiting for you in the hall. A place of togetherness, where a smile is answered with a smile.

MAYDAY “Making Friends” is a promise: be open and you’ll find friendships. Be warm-hearted and you’ll be a part of the community. Simply keep in mind: the best way to find a friend is to be one yourself.

Celebrate MAYDAY. And Make Friends.



“Love, peace and harmony” for 30 years. 1985 saw the Love Parade founder Dr. Motte standing on the stage as a DJ for the first time and it’s been a thousand more times before millions of people since then. His motto is sublimely apt for MAYDAY too: This Is Our Future – Open Your Heart – Free Your Mind – Dance!


Od 30 lat: „Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen“. W roku 1985 Dr. Motte, założyciel Love Parade, po raz pierwszy wystąpił na scenie jako DJ a od tego czasu już tysiące razy – przed milionami ludzi. Jego motto odnosi się także do MAYDAY: This Is Our Future – Open Your Heart – Free Your Mind – Dance!

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