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‘Dr. Motte On ACID’ Slipmats by MAGMA

August 4, 2014

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PRAXXIZ quits the summer slump with a brandnew ‘release’…

‘Dr. Motte on ACID’ Slipmats

by MAGMA, DJ-Bags & Accessories
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Dr. Motte on ACID – Clubtour 2014

Where do we come from and where are we NOW? That’s the essence of Dr. Motte’s clubtour 2014: Dr. Motte on ACID. Out of his insatiable curiosity for new music and new musical experiences, Dr. Motte has witnessed the evolution of electronic dance music from its very beginning – until today. The powerful return of the TB-303 sound in new music productions inspired him to declare 2014 his Year of Acid. His record cases are packed of brand new stuff and a few of his very special all-time favourites. His sound is sophisticated, energetic and multifaceted. He connects thrilling Acid and rousing club grooves with driving Techno beats and takes his audience on an exciting trip through his universe.


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