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OUT NOW: ‚Fever EP‘ (Limited Colored Vinyl & Hologram Label)

November 18, 2013

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Everyone knows of course that the main driving force behind the label PRAXXIZ is one of Germanys earliest Techno supporters, innovators and ultimately icons Dr. Motte. Maybe fewer are aware of his love of and involvement with the various genres of Electronic Listening Music/Ambient Electronica. Dr. Motte was after all one of the founders of the Interference Festival, arguably one of the greatest gatherings of Electronic Musicians & DJ’s to have occurred back then (mid 90’s), and to be honest since then.

So it will come as no surprise that the newest release on Dr. Motte’s PRAXXIZ, a collaboration between himself and Electronica guru Gabriel Le Mar expertly brings together elements of both ends of the Techno/Electronica spectrum, lovingly creating a fusion that may well be the strongest release yet on PRAXXIZ.

Fever sets the pole high, with a combination of sounds and programmed patterns that display both a sensitivity and an awareness of musical structure that enable clear crisp sparse rhythms to carry a sense of purpose & direction without meandering or resorting to less refined strategies. There is even a very tasty and beautifully placed break beat in there which captures exactly the vibe of that big sound of yesteryear, whilst achieving a here and now vibe from the track overall.

Tresor92 grooves along in an insistent Techno way, but again does not fall into the “old fashioned” or “heard that already” pitfalls so many of the thousands of new releases each month seem to willingly dive head first into, for all they are worth. The track builds from its initial strange opening melody that could be some kind of mutated grandfather clock. Slowly and surely, it sneaks up on the listener, evolving as it does into a hard and driving enough piano type chord driven groove. Again as in ‚Fever‘, what makes the track so much more than just another well programmed Techno tune that if we are honest we heard already 1000 times, are the subtle poly-rhythms, flourishes and various shades of musical awareness that create a constant feeling of change in the track.

Acid Spray again scores top marks as it chugs out a heavy slow burner funked up rhythm, topped with subtle and always engaging Electronica style melodies and nuances. Add to that a refrain that sounds almost like a rave signal, but retains enough originality not to be pigeon holed, and a deep down in the mix twisting turning voice of sorts that further adds to the overall feeling of a funk groove that’s friendly, but mildly menacing, and you have three out of three top tunes so far on this latest release from PRAXXIZ.

Zikade could have been a throwaway given the quality so far on this release, but instead it chooses to strive for the gold position. A very fine bringing together of dub, after hours groove, strings and funky house style bass lines. it builds from the first to the last note in a way that is neither overbearing nor ineffective or boring. Motte and Gabriel get it spot on. All the right bits in exactly the right places, perfectly timed for maximum effect. And a perfect way to bring this outstanding EP to a close. A very very fine release in deed, maybe their best yet, if the ‚Fever EP‘ gives a hint of where the artists are heading, bring it on!


Digital Cover


Limited Dark Pink Vinyl

Artist: Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar
Title: Fever EP
Label: PRAXXIZ /
Cat. No.: PRZ018
Vinyl & digital: December 2013
Genre: Techno, Tech-House, Acid

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