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New Video: Superstrobe – Brainwash

März 18, 2013

News Dr. Motte Kommentare deaktiviert für New Video: Superstrobe – Brainwash

Superstrobe – Brainwash

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Back once again! The current must have single ‚Strip Down‘ including the fantastic Da Fresh Remix has rightly earned Superstrobe aka Manuel Winkler a musical presence at centre stage in all the clubs right now. And even before this truly stand out release has reached its peak, this Berliner is ready to drop what well be new genres in the making! His first solo album ‚REBOOT‘ is released on PRAXXIZ at the beginning of December!

Which other word could describe better this hugely anticipated release, than its title ‚REBOOT‘? As the split of the former artist duo Superstrobe became known, Manuel found himself faced with maybe the most important decision of his entire artist career. Lay the project to rest and start again from the very beginning on something new? Or see the situation, the changes in his circumstances, as a great chance to remodel and redefine his beloved SUPERSTROBE project? He retreated out of public view, away from his fans and his management, and went into soulsearching mode. Finally, and after some very long weeks for those in waiting, there were signs of life, and Manuel re-emerged to announce his decision. All systems down and REBOOT!

Manuel went straight back into his Studio. Through experimentation, playing, creating, mutating and evolving sounds and ideas, and pushing himself beyond all previous creative boundries. After six months he presented the fruits of his labor, and with the Album REBOOT announced simply and dirtectly that he was indeed back on track. And good to go!

The boss of his new label PRAXXIZ, none other than the founder of the Berlin Love Parade, Dr Motte, was visibly overjoyed with the end result of several months patience and waiting on his part. The new SUPERSTROBE sound is stronger, more energetic, and crystal clear to the ear. It takes on board essential elements and influences from all its contemporaries. From Techno, Minimal, Tech-House, Electro and Progressive, and fuses them all together in a veryNOW sound, that stands for stepping forward and originality in its field. The missing link in the evolution of EDM.

The taster release from the album REBOOT quickly became a hit single whilst still in pre sale! ‚Strip Down‘ sat at the top of various taste maked vinyl charts all over the world. And in no time at all the Japanese took Superstrobe to their hearts, listing the release in the much coveted „Recomended Techno“ listings! As if that isn’t enough, Superstrobe have delivered an Album on which every single track clearly has hit single potential written all over it.
If you need further convincing you can check it out for yourself, right now in the pre sale section of! We think you will be pleased you did. ‚REBOOT‘ is under starters orders, the goal: PEAK TIME GOLD!

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