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New Video @_Superstrobe_ Jumper from Reboot Album @PRAXXIZbooking

März 25, 2013

News Dr. Motte Kommentare deaktiviert für New Video @_Superstrobe_ Jumper from Reboot Album @PRAXXIZbooking

New PRAXXIZtv Video out: Superstrobe – Jumper

How do you like this new video by the Berlin based techno music artist Superstrobe

Superstrobe is supported by Dr. Motte &

The taster release from the album REBOOT quickly became a hit single whilst still in pre sale! ‚Strip Down‘ sat at the top of various taste maked vinyl charts all over the world. And in no time at all the Japanese took Superstrobe to their hearts, listing the release in the much coveted „Recomended Techno“ listings! As if that isn’t enough, Superstrobe have delivered an Album on which every single track clearly has hit single potential written all over it.

If you need further convincing you can check it out for yourself, right now in the pre sale section of! We think you will be pleased you did. ‚REBOOT‚ is under starters orders, the goal: PEAK TIME GOLD!

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